Academic advisor on the ACT Education and Training Directorate’s 'Shape of ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum: Connected Learning’ document.

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The 'Shape of ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum: Connected Learning" document guides the development of the 'Connected Learning Course' (i.e. planning, teaching, learning and assessment) in ACT Senior Secondary schools. The document aligns with ACARA course design specifications and provide teachers with flexibility to plan, teach and assess according to the needs and interests of their students. Incorporation of evidence-based wellbeing frameworks and principles have been added by Drs. Nielsen and Ma to the 'Shape of ACT Senior Secondary Curriculum: Connected Learning" document.

The 'Connected Learning Course' aims to enable students to:
• analyse and evaluate ideas, methodologies, concepts, issues and knowledge
• apply ethical and sustainable frameworks that underpin relevant disciplines
• plan and develop research projects
• reflect on the learning process
• demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills
• build on and connect, concepts and skills from diverse disciplines
• use inquiry and research methods from diverse disciplines to identify problems and to research solutions
• use critical and creative thinking skills to analyse methodologies and insights from a variety of disciplines
• demonstrate collaboration and build mentoring relationships within the community
• apply creative and innovative solutions to real life contexts.

A particular focus is of this Course is developing students' connection to their learning, life-skills, and personal and collective wellbeing.
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