Australian Marketing Institute accredits two marketing undergraduate courses

  • Matt Muskat


    As a member of the Accreditation Board, Demetri Hughes, longstanding member and former State Committee Chair recently visited Melbourne to award Melbourne University of Technology and La Trobe University with their  accreditation certificates.

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    Dr. (HC) Shesh Ghale, Chief Executive Officer
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    Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) being awarded their accreditation. (From left) Demetri Hughes, AMI, Ms Kris Nicholls, Head, School of Business and A/Prof Matt Muskat, UG Course Coordinator.

    During the ceremony, Demetri Hughes delivered an industry presentation delivered to MIT students beforehand on ‘Digital Foundations for Business Growth’.  Industry presentations at universities on topical subject areas has been a regular activity that AMI representatives perform on request at various universities, as part of AMI’s commitment to engaging students.

    The degrees awarded with AMI Accreditation on this day, include:

    • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
    • Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing)
    Period16 May 2019

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