FreshEd is a US-registered non-profit organization that airs weekly podcasts on education broadly defined. All content is open access and advertisement free. The show repceives over 15,000 listens each month from listerners in over 180 countries. 

FreshEd’s catalog includes five shows, FreshEd with Will Brehm, Flux, The Thinking EarEduquê, and Aula Divergente.

FreshEd with Will Brehm

FreshEd with Will Brehm is an interview-style podcast that showcases cutting-edge research in the field of education. It is used in over 100 universities around the world. All episodes are transcribed and some are then translated into Mandarin, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. 


Whereas FreshEd with Will Brehm focuses mostly on established and early career researchers, Flux showcases the ideas and creativity of students. Through yearly Fellowships, Flux works with graduate students to turn their research interests into narrative podcasts. This pushes the boundaries of a research output (typically thought of as a written publication) and the medium of podcasting by incorporating academic methodologies.

The Thinking Ear

The Thinking Ear is an audio periodical focused on education broadly defined. The show is aired on FreshEd’s platform, ensuring episodes reach thousands of listeners across the globe. Episodes are independently-created by researchers like you who want to push the boundaries of academic publishing through the medium of podcasting.


Eduquê is a Portuguese-language podcast created in collaboration with FreshEd and the Brazilian Campaign for the Right to Education. The goal of Eduquê is to showcase new Portuguese-language research on education, broadly defined. The episodes are transcribed and translated into English.

Aula Divergente

Aula Divergente is a podcast in Spanish that explores current issues in education across Latin America. Hosted by Daniela Hernández Silva and Carlos Navia Canales, the show uses a mini-series format where a collection of episodes focus on a single topic.

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