More than chit chat - demystifying nurse-patient interactions

Period15 Feb 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleMore than chit chat - demystifying nurse patient interactions
    Media name/outletNursing Review
    Description“How are you feeling today?”

    It’s a question nurses ask that patients might consider a simple pleasantry, but nurses know there’s much more behind it than that – and a new videographic captures that contrast.

    Developed by Dr Kasia Bail, assistant professor of nursing at the University of Canberra, the video introduces viewers to Kate, a nurse, and Bob, a patient who is recovering from emergency hernia repair surgery.

    It then walks them through a typical nurse-patient interaction, all the while speech bubbles pop up next to Kate to show what she’s thinking while speaking with Bob, detailing the assessments, planning and interventions behind her questions and comments.

    Bail hoped to help demystify what may be construed as ‘chit-chat’ between nurses and patients and reframe it for what it is.
    PersonsKasia Bail