Navigating Australian Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks - A Research Handbook for Smaller Australian Businesses


A cyber security standards and frameworks handbook about the research we are conducting to help Australian smaller businesses improve their cyber security posture. This comprehensive guide captures ISO IEC. 27001, ISO IEC 27002, NIST, DISP, Essential 8 in a knowledge graph, providing rich information to help businesses improve their cyber posture. To make cyber security more accessible, we've also launched an animated video featuring an inquisitive ostrich named Mbuni. The video, developed with the support of the University of Canberra, Surround Australia, Pathfinders, Procurespot, and the ACSC, explains what cyber security is and what information assets need to be protected from cyber threats.

By using this knowledge graph, we hope can help Indigenous and micro, small, and medium businesses we call smaller businesses. To that end, we're asking owners of smaller businesses to share their questions about cyber security with us

If we can't find the answers using the knowledge graph, we'll work to develop standards and frameworks tailored to cover the specific concerns of smaller businesses. We'd love to hear from smaller businesses who can spare 30 minutes to share their questions about cyber security. Help us help you!

This project was conducted by @University of Canberra researchers @Rosetta Romano, @Blooma John, @Abu Barkat Ullah, and @Richa Awasthy and Surround Australia Knowledge Graph Architect @Marcus Jowsey.  The research was funded by @University of Canberra, @Surround Australia and @Pathfinders and was supported by Procure Spot and ACSC.

The handbook was designed by @Vanessa Schimizzi Branded Graphics, with illustrations by @Holly Jones, and animation by @Christopher Nicholls

Period7 Mar 2024

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleMbuni and the Emu - Do you know what data you need to protect?
    Media name/outletyoutube
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionIn this video, Emu explains to Mbuni the ostrich what cyber security is and why it is important for a micro business owner. Watch as Mbuni is in a computer game playing against a cyber attacker. The goal of the game is to stay in the game as long as possible by protecting the crown jewels. The message is that cyber security must be maintained, or you could lose the crown jewels, and the game would then be over.
    Producer/AuthorChristopher Nicholls
    PersonsRosetta Romano, Blooma John, Abu Barkat Ullah, Richa Awasthy, Vanessa Schimizzi, Holly Jones, Christopher Nicholls, Marcus Jowsey