The Briefing: A message from a young person with Covid


If you think Coronavirus is just an old person’s disease then think again. Older people might be more likely to die from COVID 19 but it’s actually people in their 20s who are the most likely to contract and spread the virus.   Today we hear the harrowing story of Marcus Tomoff, a 28-year-old from Florida who contracted Covid-19 in June and is still dealing with really serious health and neurological problems. Marcus also infected his parents. He has a message that he hopes will get through to his fellow young people. We're also joined Dr Sora Park from the News and Media Centre at the University of Canberra.   In today's news headlines: Prime Minister asks state leaders to resolve border closure crisis Qantas sheds 6000 jobs as profits plunge 91 percent Hillary Clinton, Billie Eilish, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris urge voters to kick Trump out   Follow The Briefing Instagram: @thebriefingpodcast  Facebook: TheBriefingNewsAU Twitter: @TheBriefingAU



Period21 Aug 2020

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