The mystery of the brain turned into art

  • Patrick Tresset


The brain has a total of 160,000 kilometers of nerve fibers and about 86,000,000,000 neurons. To get an idea, think that the Earth has 7,300,000,000 inhabitants and that to match the complexity of the brain, the daily transit would have to be multiplied by ten. The brain is the most complex organ that exists and the one that awakens the most unknowns. It has always been equated with the latest technology of each era and is full of analogies: the brain as a loom, as a mechanical calculator, as an electrical or telephone network, as a computer, as a universe… Sometimes we put it blank, we eat it Either we squeeze it too hard, surely the greatest pleasure in science fiction, or it’s as random as a perfectly timed flock of birds.



Period27 Jul 2022

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Media coverage

  • TitleThe mystery of the brain turned into art
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