Jennie Scarvell

Deputy Dean Faculty of Health, Leader of Clinical Research Rehabilitation and Translation Group

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Prof Jennie Scarvell is a physiotherapist and academic with a particular interest in osteoarthritis research. She is a member of Clinical Research Rehabilitation and Translation group in Faculty of Health.

Most people manage their knee osteoarthritis without surgery. Clinical guidelines recommend empowering people for better quality of life, to manage their knee osteoarthritis as a chronic disease, with access to timely and expert physiotherapy, exercise, pain and diet management.

Projects available: Co-design of research with consumers for management of knee osteoarthritis. Project 2: Can physiotherapy movement retraining, change the way people move their knees, and hence factors influencing progression of knee osteoarthritis.
Project 3- can a group physiotherapy for Shoulder degenerative problems such as tendinopathy and osteoarthritis have similar outcomes to the group programs for hip and knee osteoarthritis such as GLA:D?

I am currently available to supervise honours, Master or PhD students in clinical research, physiotherapy, biomechanics, orthopaedic surgery and translation of research into practice and consumer co-design.
Clinical outcomes from physiotherapy and surgical interventions, and implementation of evidence into clinical practice and lifestyle change.
Helping you choose a supervisor: The relationship with your supervisor is critical to a happy and successful PhD. I can help you think through how to choose your supervisor, university and project.


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