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1st Prize, DuPont Imagineering Design Competition, Japan.

Carlos MONTANA HOYOS (Recipient), 30 Jun 2004



2015: "Best use of technology” prize in the Innovage Hackathon, Australia. “Storytelling Time Machine”project.

Carlos MONTANA HOYOS (Recipient), Lisa SCHAROUN (Recipient), Peng, Fanke (Recipient) & Gudur, Raghu (Recipient), 3 Jul 2015


2nd overall project at Innovage (Innovating Aged Care Solutions)

Peng, Fanke (Recipient) & Ana Sanchez Laws (Recipient), 2015


Accessiblility award

Gudur, Raghu (Recipient), 4 Sep 2013

Prize: Honorary award

Andrew Heiskell Award

Koh, Ernest (Recipient), 2017


Anne Dunn Scholar Award 2018

Fisher, Caroline (Recipient), 4 Jul 2018

Prize: Honorary award

ARVO Travel Grant

Dehghani, Cirous (Recipient), 2014


Australian College of Critical Care Nursing (NSW)

Lori DELANEY (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Other distinction

Australian College of Nursing

Lori DELANEY (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Other distinction