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David Syme Research Prize

Ralph MAC NALLY (Recipient), 1997


Funding award of 10K from the ACT Department of Education

Nielsen, Thomas (Recipient) & Leah MOORE (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Other distinction

Democratic Innovation Award

Prosser, Brenton (Recipient), Matthew Flinders (Recipient), Will Jennings (Recipient), Alan Renwick (Recipient), Stoker, Gerry (Recipient), Graham Smith (Recipient) & Paolo Spada (Recipient), Dec 2016

Prize: Honorary award

Young South Australian of the Year

Prosser, Brenton (Recipient), 1997

Prize: Honorary award

Outstanding PhD Thesis

Toohey, Kellie (Recipient), 20 Feb 2019

Prize: Honorary award

Chartered Fellow

De Percy, Michael (Recipient), 27 Jun 2020

Prize: Other distinction

Recipient - Dean's Honours List

Jamie GAIDA (Recipient), 1998



British Andrology Society Setchell Medal

Eileen MCLAUGHLIN (Recipient), 2013


Society for Reproductive Biology Fellow

Eileen MCLAUGHLIN (Recipient), 2011


Australian College of Nursing

Lori DELANEY (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Other distinction

Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing

Rolley, John (Recipient), 28 Aug 2018

Prize: Other distinction