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Anne Dunn Scholar Award 2018

Fisher, Caroline (Recipient), 4 Jul 2018

Prize: Honorary award

Sports Medicine Australia Research Foundation Grant

Mckune, Andrew (Recipient), Alice Maree WALLETT (Recipient), Periard, Julien (Recipient) & Philo SAUNDERS (Recipient), 6 Dec 2017



Ken Young Prize 2017

Selen ERCAN (Recipient), Carolyn Hendriks (Recipient) & John Boswell (Recipient), 25 Apr 2018


Funding award of 10K from the ACT Department of Education

Nielsen, Thomas (Recipient) & Leah MOORE (Recipient), 2004

Prize: Other distinction

Democratic Innovation Award

Prosser, Brenton (Recipient), Matthew Flinders (Recipient), Will Jennings (Recipient), Alan Renwick (Recipient), Stoker, Gerry (Recipient), Graham Smith (Recipient) & Paolo Spada (Recipient), Dec 2016

Prize: Honorary award

Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust

Moggridge, Brad (Recipient), 18 Nov 2018

Prize: Other distinction

2018 Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award for Diversity

Virginia Haussegger (Recipient) & Rowe, Pia (Recipient), 2018


Water Leaership

Moggridge, Brad (Recipient), 2015

Prize: Other distinction

Dean's Award

De Percy, Michael (Recipient), 16 Dec 2011


Chartered Member

De Percy, Michael (Recipient), 10 Nov 2014

Prize: Other distinction

Outstanding PhD Thesis

Toohey, Kellie (Recipient), 20 Feb 2019

Prize: Honorary award