UC Award for Programs that Enhance Learning (Team Award):



Collaborative Educational Partnerships in Learning and Teaching.

This application’s initiative establishes students as collaborative partners in initial teacher education (ITE). The initiative took two forms. The first was an early intervention strategy supporting commencing students-at-risk. A series of actions linked to ‘student engagement’ and ‘learner success’ data were
enacted, and the result was that 293/342 students (83.2%) enrolled in common unit of study achieved one of two measures of success, an achievement that vindicated efforts to nurture students’ growth and promote socially-integrated participation in campus life. The second form of the initiative was a series of
exercises aimed at strengthening engagement with the InterFace Student Experience Questionnaire (ISEQ). This application’s team leveraged ISEQ’s potential as a teachable moment in how to provide and receive quality feedback, employing Hattie and Timperley’s ‘feed up, feed back, feed forward’ model
(2007) as a scaffold for this process. Unit conveners were advised to be explicit about elements of unit design and delivery they wanted feedback on, as well as to identify how common themes in feedback could be addressed in the short-term and long-term. The initiative led to improved ISEQ response rates
(39.41%), improvements to Canvas site design, and to course-level supports ameliorating student engagement and wellbeing.