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Development of a National Pest Animal Genotyping Facility - Project 1 under 2012000355

Sarre, S., Aitken, N., Fitzsimmons, N., Fitzsimmons, N., Macdonald, A. & Macdonald, A.

Invasive Animals CRC, University of Western Australia


Project: Other

Living in Harmony, Journalism in Australia

Posetti, J.

Murdoch University


Project: Other

Opportunity and Disadvantage: Differences in Wellbeing Among Australia s Adults and Children at a Small Area Level

HARDING, A., Goldfeld, S., Kendig, H., LLOYD, R., Stanley, F., Stimson, R., Tanton, R. & Williams, P.

Australian Research Council, University of Canberra


Project: Other

Fundamentals and Frontiers of Floodplain Research and Management

THOMS, M., Thorp, J. & Tockner, K.

Land and Water Australia


Project: Other