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FInding My Way: A Randomised controlled trial evaluating an internet self-help program for cancer related distress (via Flinders University)

Knott, V., Beatty, L., Butow, P., De Bono, S., Katris, P., Koczwara, B., Lambert, S., Schofield, P., Turner, J., Wade, T. & Yates, P.

National Health and Medical Research Council


Project: Other

Floodplain/Wetland Processes in the Lower Balonne system



Project: Other

Floodplain Vegetation Health in the Western CMA

THOMS, M., Delong, M., Parsons, M., RAYBURG, S., REID, M., Thorp, J. & Webb, M.

Western Catchment Management Authority


Project: Other

FMP Research Projects 2018-19

Broadhurst, B. & Lintermans, M.


Project: Other

Free Play Space Project

Learnihan, V. & Grunseit, A.


Project: Other

Free Play Space Project

Learnihan, V. & Grunseit, A.


Project: Other

From genotype to phenotype: Molecular photofitting for criminal investigations

Mcnevin, D., Daniel, R., Kayser, M., LENNARD, C., LENNARD, C., Martin, N., Medland, S. & van Oorschot, R.

Australian Research Council, Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Identitas Inc.


Project: Other

Fundamentals and Frontiers of Floodplain Research and Management

THOMS, M., Thorp, J. & Tockner, K.

Land and Water Australia


Project: Other

Furthering the DSE in Primary schools through e-learning (NSW CEC)

KILHAM, C., WATSON, L. & Christian, M.

NSW Catholic Education Commission


Project: Other

Future proofing Australia's high country for climate change

Kefford, B., Nicotra, A., Moles, A. & Hovenden, M.


Project: Research

Gauging informed public opinion on sentencing sex offenders: A national study-via UTAS

BARTELS, L., Davis, J., Freiberg, A., Gelb, K., MacKenzie, G., Overland, S., Plater, D., Roberts, L., Warner, K. & Zdenkowski, G.

Australian Research Council


Project: Other