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Therapeutic development targeting breast cancer recurrence

Rao, S., Casarotto, M. & Zafar, A.


Project: Other

Holographic Learning Experience Project

Fitzgerald, R. & Leonard, S.

Pearson Education and Training


Project: Other

Introducing voice recognition technologies into courtrooms: a proof of concept pilot project.

DUGDALE, A., Collings, P., TAIT, D., WAGNER, M. & WAGNER, M.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Australian Writing Programs Network (AWPN)

Webb, J., Battye, G., Brien, D. L. & Bruns, A.

Australian Learning and Teaching Council

10/11/06 → …

Project: Other

Hydraulic character within river habitats

Dyer, F., THOMS, M. & Nikora, V.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Evaluation of School External Partnerships in New South Wales

Watson, L., Chesters, J., Chesters, J. & Taylor, A.

NSW Department of Education and Training


Project: Other