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Strategic Planning and Market Research of the Canberra Cavalry

Scott, O. & Beaton, A.

Canberra Cavalry


Project: Other

Predicting Renal, Ophthalmic and Heart Events in the Aboriginal Community – The PROPHECY Study

Daniel, M., Brown, A., Zimmet, P., Cooper, M., Shaw, J., Maple-Brown, L., Brown, N., Craig, J. & Willerslev, E.


Project: Other

Deficit Discourse and Indigenous Education-via ANU

Mccallum, K., Fforde, C., Fogarty, W., Gorringe, S., Sullivan, P. & Waller, L.

Australian Research Council


Project: Other

SA Tax Reform project


Department of Treasury and Finance, SA


Project: Other

Panel agreement for the Services of Program Review and Evaluation

Davey, R., AULICH, C., AULICH, C., BERRY, H., BERRY, H., BLOOD, W., BLOOD, W., Brown, L., EDWARDS, M., Evans, M., Gibson, D., Gong, X., GOSS, J., GOSS, J., HOGAN, A., Jamieson, M., Kinfu, Y., Miranti, R., Pamphilon, B., Parker, R., Prosser, B., Tanton, R., UPTON, D. & Vidyattama, Y.

Commonwealth Department of Health


Project: Other

National Mentoring for Science and Mathematics Teachers (CG-024)

FITZGERALD, R., GAFFNEY, M., Kolhagen, S., SIMSON, L., SMITH, J., SMITH, J., Stocklemyer, S. & WALKINGTON, J.

Australian Government Department of Education


Project: Other