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An electron microprobe for high accuracy chemical microanalysis. (administered by ANU)

O'Neill, H., Ellis, D., Jaques, A., Mcqueen, K. & Mcqueen, K.

Australian Research Council, University of Canberra

26/02/01 → …

Project: Other

Cotton industry social and wellbeing sustainability indicators

Schirmer, J., Mylek, M., Peel, D., Brown, K. & Clayton, H.


Project: Other

Ageo - Evaluation of SmartWard in Aged Care

Bail, K., Strickland, K., Gibson, D., Merrick, E., Gibson, J., Cope, S. & Kozlovskaia, M.

Humanetix Pty Ltd.


Project: Other

The Making of Global Shanghai

Hu, R.


Project: Other