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Attitudes towards group mentoring: an empirical understanding

Mcnamara, J., Burrell, A. & Johns, R.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Born or Built - Articulated Head 2.0

Herath, D.


Project: Other

Introducing voice recognition technologies into courtrooms: a proof of concept pilot project.

DUGDALE, A., Collings, P., TAIT, D., WAGNER, M. & WAGNER, M.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Adult Stem Cell Release by Novel Small Modified Sugars


ACT Health


Project: Other

NDT: Enabling nursing and clinical decision support technology

Bail, K. & Kozlovskaia, M.


Project: Other

Development of techniques in digital imaging for high resolution and security applications

Huang, X., Caccia, G., WAGNER, M., WAGNER, M. & Zhang, X.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Kickstart my career with culture

Roberts, P.


Project: Other

Novel insights into the mechanisms of how viruses cause arthritis/arthralgia

MAHALINGAM, S., Cunningham, A., Frese, M., Fraser, R., Guglielmotti, A., Heise, M., LIDBURY, B., Suhrbier, A. & Tarkowski, A.

National Health and Medical Research Council


Project: Other

Aquatic Ecology Study Stage 1

Norris, R., Osborne, W., Osborne, W. & Olley, J.

ACTEW Corporation Ltd


Project: Other

Deed between UC and ACARA in relation to Licence of ACARA data

Jorgensen, R.


Project: Other

Proposal to improve learning outcomes of students with disabilities in mainstream classes in the early, middle, and post-compulsory years of schooling.

Shaddock, T., Giorcelli, L., Hook, J., KILHAM, C., Murik, J., Spinks, T., Smith, S., THORNTON, S. & WOOLLEY, G.

Department of Education Science and Training (DEST)


Project: Other

Southern Tableland Koala Survey

Gruber, B., Adamack, A., Allen, C. & Saxon, M.

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

12/06/13 → …

Project: Other