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News Research Centre Australia (NRCA)

BLOOD, W., Baker, G. M., BILBOE, W., Holland, K., Jiggins, S. G., KITCHENER, J., Mccallum, K. M., PAYNE, T., PUTNIS, P., PUTNIS, P., SYKES, J. & Tsai, K. M.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Research Agreement: Snow Analysis and Power Management in Cross Country Skiing.

LYONS, K., ANSON, J., ANSON, J. & Marsland, F.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

VOC's degassing from display case materials

Hoogewerff, J. & Kennedy, L.


Project: Other

Evaluation of Jobfit Application-Via ANU

Aslan, M., Keating, B., Campbell, J. & Alam, L.


Project: Other

Data Aesthetics in Retail Space

Hinchcliffe, G., Hardy, C. & Whitelaw, M.

Make Designed Objects Pty Ltd


Project: Other

Tourism Industry Training and Information Analysis Needs Analysis

Inbakaran, R., Keating, B. & Weir, B.

Three Sides Pty Ltd


Project: Other

The provision of water management services (technical) under a panel arrangement.

Dyer, F., Briggs, S., Broadhurst, B., DOWNEY, P., Georges, A., Gruber, B., Harrison, E., Lintermans, M., MOORE, L., Nichols, S., OSBORNE, W., OSBORNE, W., Reynoldson, T., White, D., WILLIAMS, D. & WILLIAMS, D.

Department of Sustainability Environment Water Population and Communities


Project: Other