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School Funding for Disadvantaged Students Phase 1

Cassells, R., Abello, A., Duncan, A. & Li, J.


Project: Other

CISS-Development of integrated passive and active surveillance tools and networks

Gleeson, D., Caley, P., Campbell, S., Ramsey, D. S. L., Csurhes, S. & Cassey, P.

Centre for Invasive Species Solutions


Project: Other

Smart and Skilled: Modelling options for a student entitlement model under increased competition

Brown, L., Duncan, A., Keegan, M., Lymer, S. & Taylor, M.


Project: Other

Wildlife Forensics: Tracking Wildlife Seizures back to Source

Georges, A., Alacs, E. A., FITZSIMMONS, N. & FITZSIMMONS, N.

University of Canberra, Australian Federal Police


Project: Other

Stay Healthy via AIS

Waddington, G., Appaneal, R., Bronwen, L., Burke, L., Drew, M., Halson, S., Hughes, D., Lovell, G., Praet, S., Toomey, M., Watts, D., West, N. & vlahovich, N.

Australian Institute of Sport


Project: Other

Social Analysis of Sustainable Tourism Development-via UTas

Pearson, L. & Hardy, A.


Project: Other