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Population density of light rail systems in smaller cities

Norman, B., Flannery, D., O'Donnell, T. & Thomas, E.

Capital Metro


Project: Other

Predicting Renal, Ophthalmic and Heart Events in the Aboriginal Community – The PROPHECY Study

Daniel, M., Brown, A., Zimmet, P., Cooper, M., Shaw, J., Maple-Brown, L., Brown, N., Craig, J. & Willerslev, E.


Project: Other

Preparing University staff for their teaching role.

Dearn, J., Dearn, J., Fraser, K. & Ryan, Y.

Department of Education Science and Training (DEST)


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Preventing Railway suicide: An open systems perspective-via ANU

Goecke, R., Campbell, J., Gregor, S., Haller, A., Keating, B., Leitch, S., Roberts, D. & Restubog, S.

Australian Research Council


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Promoting Workplace Culture

Muggleton, S., Davis, D., Atchan, M. & Perkins, H.

ACT Health


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Proposal to improve learning outcomes of students with disabilities in mainstream classes in the early, middle, and post-compulsory years of schooling.

Shaddock, T., Giorcelli, L., Hook, J., KILHAM, C., Murik, J., Spinks, T., Smith, S., THORNTON, S. & WOOLLEY, G.

Department of Education Science and Training (DEST)


Project: Other

Provalis Equipment Donation.


Provalis UK Limited


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