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Beijing Design Studio

Kringas, S.

HYHW Architecture Consulting


Project: Other

Social Research to Foster Effective Collaboration and Strengthen Pro-Poor Value Chains

SPRIGGS, J., CHAMBERS, B., CHAMBERS, B., Khan, A., Khan, I., Mangan, T. & Taj, S.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research


Project: Other

Home to work project - Assessment of Impact and Design

Duncan, A., Evans, M. & Mcnamara, J.


Project: Other

Interactive Visualisation of Text and Topics

Whitelaw, M.



Project: Other

Tourism Industry Training and Information Analysis Needs Analysis

Inbakaran, R., Keating, B. & Weir, B.

Three Sides Pty Ltd


Project: Other

Research Agreement: Snow Analysis and Power Management in Cross Country Skiing.

Lyons, K., Anson, J., Anson, J. & Marsland, F.

University of Canberra


Project: Other

Caravan Tourism Investigations - Yass Valley Shire

Inbakaran, R. & Keating, B.

Yass Valley Local Government Area


Project: Other

Tobacco Control in Indigenous Australians

Davey, R. & O'Donoughue, R.

ACT Health


Project: Other

Integrated Chikungunya Research

Mahalingam, S., Fazakerley, J., Liljestrsm, P., Merits, A., Ahola, T., Lecuit, M., Gasque, P., Roques, P., Drosten, C. & Meyer, T.


Project: Other

What role does wildlife play in emergency disease? The case of the feral pig-via USyd

Sarre, S., Cowled, B., Garner, M., Laffan, S., Marsh, I., Ward, M. & Woolnough, A.

Australian Research Council


Project: Other

A Process-Based Approach to Generative Form Synthesis-via Monash University

Whitelaw, M., Dorin, A., Latham, W. & McCormack, J.

Australian Research Council


Project: Other