A Context Specific Idea of Quality Physical Education

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A Teaching Personal Social Responsibility (Hellison, 1995) focused project involving four local high schools. Specifically these have been identified as Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS), Canberra Grammar School, Merici College and Daramalan College. Those particular schools have been selected because the Chief Investigator was invited last year by CGGS, to deliver an initial TPSR teacher professional learning workshop involving each school. This workshop also included input by Dr Barrie Gordon, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, who is internationally recognised as the Southern Hemisphere TPSR expert. Further, we have a part time Masters of Education (Research) 927AA student, a local Health and Physical Education teacher whose study topic is TPSR, also involved in this project. It is anticipated that the Fulbright Specialist, Dr Andrew Richards, University of Illinois, as a TPSR expert who has worked extensively with Dr Gordon, would work with the teachers and children at all four schools, conducting research and professional learning as well as working with our HDR student. Of note is that Dr Richards is also the Associate Editor of the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, which is a Q1 Education journal we currently publish in, and is in the top three highest ranked international journals for Physical Education.
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