A Process-Based Approach to Generative Form Synthesis-via Monash University

  • Whitelaw, Mitchell (CI)
  • Dorin, Alan (CoI)
  • Latham, William (CoI)
  • McCormack, Jon (CoI)

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    This project addresses open problems in digital media art, introducing innovative methods for professional practitioners. Through close collaboration with a highly successful UK pioneer and his team, this research nurtures Australian expertise and scholarship. Creative industries are making an increasingly important global economic contribution. Related projects overseas demonstrate the potential for tangible commercial benefits as a direct result of research investment in this domain. The practical outcomes of this research find application in architecture, computer games, digital animation and new media art. This inter disciplinary project enhances collaborative links between the research communities of Computer Science and Media Arts.
    Short titleA Process-Based Approach to Generative Form Synthe
    Effective start/end date1/07/1031/12/14


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