A spatial analysis of the socioeconomic distribution of patients in NSW hospitals (See comments)

  • Thurecht, Linc (CI)
  • HARDING, Ann (CoI)
  • HARDING, Ann (CoI)

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    This project will examine the socioeconomic characteristics of NSW hospital users - with a particular emphasis on the spatial distribution of patients - using a database containing five years of separations by all patients from both public and private NSW hospitals. This project will focus on how patients vary by age and socioeconomic status across different Statistical Local Areas (these are geographic boundaries determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of which there are around 200 in NSW). Characteristics such as rates of hospitalisation, use of private hospitals, types of conditions and the patient costs will be examined.
    Short titleA spatial analysis of the socioeconomic distributi
    Effective start/end date25/05/0425/05/05


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