An electron microprobe for high accuracy chemical microanalysis. (administered by ANU)

  • O'Neill, Hugh (CI)
  • Ellis, David (CoI)
  • Jaques, Alan (CoI)
  • Mcqueen, Ken (CoI)
  • Mcqueen, Ken (CoI)

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    A new generation electron microprobe is sought for accurate chemical analysis of geological, materials-science, environmental-science and forensic samples. By providing major-element analyses, the instrument complements other novel microanalytical techniques including: laser-ablation ICP-MS for trace elements; ion microprobe (SHRIMP) for radiogenic isotopic geochronology; and LASIRMAS for stable isotopes. The non-destructive element mapping capabilities of the new electron midcroprobe enables meaningful targeting of the points analysed with these other methods, thereby ensuring that the resulting data are interpreted in their appropriate context. This powerful synthesis of microanalytical data is expected to lead to significant advances in Earth Sciences and related fields
    Short titleAn electron microprobe for high accuracy chemical
    Effective start/end date26/02/01 → …


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