An empirically derived taxonomy of effective management strategies for teachers of students with aggressive and extremely disruptive behaviour

  • Shaddock, Tony (CI)
  • Curry, Craig (CoI)
  • Murik, Joe (CoI)
  • Spinks, Tony (CoI)
  • Zilber, David (CoI)

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    Violent behaviour of school students, including those with special needs, is a major contemporary concern. This project will empirically develop a model of effective and feasible strategies for teachers to use with aggressive and extremely disruptive students with special needs. The model could be used as the basis for training teachers in their selection of effective responses to aggressive and extremely disruptive behaviour. The potential research benefits include increased safety for students and teachers, reduced stress and attrition among teachers, and reduced costs of sick leave and compensation claims.
    Short titleAn empirically derived taxonomy of effective manag
    Effective start/end date15/08/0215/08/03


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