ASRP - Co-developing a new approach to media literacy in the attention economy - Part 1

  • Cunneen, Rachel (CI)
  • O'Neil, Mathieu (CoI)
  • Cheater, Reece (CoI)
  • Turner, Kelly (CoI)
  • Margetts, Wayde (CoI)

Project: Research

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This innovative project brings together researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Design and the Faculty of Education. The contemporary media environment is saturated with a multiplicity of claims, some of which are dubious, whilst others actively seek to misinform. In the so-called attention economy time is precious, and deep engagement with dubious claims is a poor strategy. Instead, students should acquire the means to decide which claims are worth their attention. Drawing on cutting-edge fact-checking methodologies, this project will (a) investigate to what extent ACT school teachers are open to the SIFT (Stop, Investigate, Find, Trace) fact-checking framework and (b) co-develop with ACT school teachers a series of lesson plans that will actively engage students and enable them to identify dubious claims, ad hominem strategies, and unscientific magical thinking. When confronted with dubious claims students will be encouraged to engage in best fact-checking practice.
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/08/22


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