ASRP: Empowering educators: Towards a framework for ethical utilisation of Generative AI in teaching and learning

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Generative AI technologies have disrupted many business and educational practices and threatened to replace the jobs of many professionals. Despite the controversies surrounding the role of Generative AI in education, there have been calls from many Australian government organisations and educational institutions to develop a framework for its adoption in schools and universities, which promotes safety, reliability, equity in access and academic integrity. Limited research exists on teacher attitudes and adoption of Generative AI in schools in the ACT and Australia-wide. The present study aims to address these research gaps by investigating the use of Generative AI amongst ACT teachers for materials design and its impact on reducing teacher workload. A mixed methods multi-stage design approach will be adopted to gain insights into the potential of Generative AI for teachers’ design of pedagogical activities with the aim of providing a framework for adoption across ACT schools.
Effective start/end date1/04/24 → 31/03/26


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