ASRP:The PLC Imperative: how schools navigate the dynamics of systemic and school-based demands in PlC implementation

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The ACT Education Directorate’s “Future of Education” strategy recognises Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as a key school improvement strategy, integral to empowering learning professionals and has mandated PLC implementation in all schools. The Directorate acknowledges the pivotal role school leaders play in creating cultures that enable powerful professional learning (PL) through PLCs, however their implementation seems inconsistent. Systemic PLC approaches need to align more closely with the literature identifying the variables that influence effective PLC implementation and school improvement. This study will investigate the experience of a group of ACT public school leaders and teachers navigating the systemic imperative to implement PLCs within the leadership demands of their own schools. Using a case study approach, experiences of developing and implementing PLCs will be investigated with a view to making recommendations around how the system can best support and empower school leaders and teachers to optimise the potential of PLCs.
Effective start/end date1/12/2131/12/24


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