Assessing the Social and Fiscal Policy Implications of an Ageing Population

  • HARDING, Ann (CI)
  • Evandrou, Maria (CoI)
  • Falkingham, Jane (CoI)
  • Percival, Richard (CoI)

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    The 2002 Treasury Inter-Generational Report predicted major social and fiscal challenges during the next 40 years as a result of population ageing. Unlike Europe, the US and Canada, Australia has not yet developed the modelling tools to help it assess the current and future distributional consequences of the required forthcoming changes in social and fiscal policy. This project will develop the necessary modelling infrastructure for the Commonwealth and for Australia. It will create a sophisticated decision support capacity that can be used to assess the long-term impact of policy change and the likely future retirement incomes and other characteristics of Australians.
    Short titleAssessing the Social and Fiscal Policy Implication
    Effective start/end date1/07/1030/06/11


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