Australian Access to and Operation of Advanced Synchrotron Radiation Facilities at the Photon Factory (administered by ANU)

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    The primary national benefit of this application will be continued access by peer review for Australian scientists tothe advanced synchrotron-radiation capabilities of the Australian National Beamline Facility and othercomplementary beamlines at the Photon Factory, Japan. This proposal is consistent with the National ResearchPriorities of An Environmentally Sustainable Australia, Promoting and Maintaining Good Health and FrontierTechnologies for Building and Transforming Australian Industries and will generate science to support andstimulate domestic industry, enhance the domestic knowledge base and international research profile, trainstudents and future synchrotron scientists and foster domestic and international collaborations.
    Short titleAustralian Access to and Operation of Advanced Syn
    Effective start/end date1/05/0931/12/10


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