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The DPS Corporate Plan identifies one of the department’s Strategic Priorities as ‘Enhancing the Parliament's engagement with the community’. This is achieved through visitor engagement programs, events, hospitality within APH, and via online and other communication channels. As with the tourism activity globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted Parliament’s traditional approach to community engagement, with independent visitors and school audiences.
DPS is keen to undertake visitor experience research to assist with a post-pandemic reset of visitor and online audience engagement. The research will also inform a comprehensive marketing strategy, that will provide direction on developing visitor experiences and identifying new opportunities to engage with the community. The research will focus on independent visitors, as distinct from the educational tourism / school groups market. DPS has identified a range of themes of interest (Appendix B) and is seeking advice through this project on the specific questions that will best produce the required data.
The research project should provide benchmark data on some aspects of the visitor experience, allowing DPS to repeat core questions in future visitor research to track change and trends over time.
Short titleAPH Visitor Research
Effective start/end date28/06/2117/12/21


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