Balance in Season: An evaluation of balance challenge in two outdoor activities in the ACT region

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    The "Balance in Season" project aims to enhance physical activity safety and participation in two outdoor activities, walking and snowsports, undertaken in the ACT region.This project will be managed by a multidisciplinary team representing a collaboration of researchers from Schools within different Divisions of the University of Canberra in collaboration with ACT Health, private and public community enterprises and the University of Sydney, The research team includes:Gordon Waddington Associate Professor and Physiotherapist, (School of Health Sciences, University of Canberra). Tracey Dickson Research Fellow (CRC Sustainable Tourism University of Canberra).Stephen Trathen Senior Lecturer Industrial Design (School of Design and Architecture, University of Canberra). Roger Adams Biostatistician Senior Lecturer, (School of Health Sciences, University of Sydney). Jennie Yaxley Physiotherapist, COAP-Falls Prevention ACRS (ACT Health)Helen Palethorp (YMCA ACT), Adrian Faccioni CEO (GPSports Pty Ltd).
    Short titleBalance in Season: An evaluation of balance challe
    Effective start/end date17/05/0730/01/09


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