Being fat in today's world: A socio-cultural investigation of overweight and obesity (administered by Monash University)

  • BLOOD, Warwick (CI)
  • Castle, David (CoI)
  • Jim, Hyde (CoI)
  • Komesaroff, Paul (CoI)
  • Thomas, Samantha (CoI)

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    he study will conduct a careful and systematic examination of the socio-cultural dimenson of obesity and explicitly consider the needs of overweight people themselves. The project is innovative both nationally and internationally in that it qualitatively explores the lived reality of those struggling with their weight, and will conduct and indepth media analysis to explore the wider impact of public health prevention and health promotion messages about obesity. The project is significant in that it will use narratives to provide public health and media strategies which resonate with the lived reality of obese and overweight people
    Short titleBeing fat in today's world: A socio-cultural inves
    Effective start/end date1/06/0831/12/10


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