Bridging the Gap - Humans, Robots and Remote Places

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Tactical Research Pty Ltd has developed a proprietary field sensing & computing platform Dolabra®. This platform allows unprecedented levels of real time computing and embedded analytics, to be performed in a miniaturised form factor and using very low power. Tactical Research has received significant interest for how this technology might unlock new industrial applications involving robotics in remote Australian locations.
In this project we intend to explore introducing this technology in aiding and supporting remote communities to connect through Human-Robot interfaces and interactions. Identified scenarios include situations such as battling and monitoring rural bush fires, aiding distressed skiers in alpine regions, and providing valuable data gathering and reconnaissance activities for remote infrastructure providers. The broad aim of this collaboration is to develop a new understanding of remote Human-Robot interaction in the unique contexts of Australian rural challenges. This encompasses developing new frontier technologies in robotic perception, autonomous navigation and Human-Robot interaction in remote locations.
We identify these goals to be broad and requiring long term, sustained research and strong partnerships. The specific goals of the proposed project are thus to develop an initial research demonstrator for remote Human – Robot Interaction and identify potential partners that would then enable us to seek long-term funding to realise the broad objectives outlined.
Effective start/end date15/05/1830/06/19


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