Can x-ray and imaging services for residents of residential aged care facilities be improved? A pilot project.

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The proposed pilot project will evaluate the imaging services of residents of residential aged care facilities (RACF). The project will provide preliminary data, will test the methodology and will also provide research experience for a larger project application. The larger project will review the quality, accessibility and other issues associated with imaging of residents in RACF.
It has been shown that residents of RACF often suffer multiple chronic conditions which are associated with negative health outcomes such as functional decline, hospitalisation, multiple medication use and poor quality of life. Medical imaging forms an integral part within the chain of events in determining the diagnosis and hence treatment and management outcomes of the residents.
Mobile x-ray services (MXS) exist in Australia, however these are limited to only a few locations. Residents without access to MXS require transport to and from imaging services either by ambulance or family and friends. Delays in transportation exist. Following imaging, not all residents require hospitalisation and as such further transportation is needed. Quality of imaging services vary depending in RACF location and access to imaging services.
The overall objectives of the larger project are to provide qualitative and quantitative information of residents and staff experiences of the imaging services provided either by fixed or mobile imaging services; determine the cost effectiveness of fixed and mobile imaging services for resident of RACF; and determine if other viable quality imaging services options exist, such as MSX.
Effective start/end date1/01/2020/11/21


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