Care Needs, Costs and the Capacity for Self-Provision: Detailed Regional Projections for Older Australians in 2020

  • BROWN, Laurie (CI)
  • HARDING, Ann (CoI)
  • HARDING, Ann (CoI)

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    Government is starting to address the policy challenges associated with population ageing and the future needs of the ageing baby boomers. At the moment, Australia does not have adequate strategic planning and decision-support tools for forecasting the future demand for care services by older Australians; the likely cost of such services; and the financial capacity of older Australians to bear a greater share of those costs. This project therefore aims to develop a spatial microsimulation model to provide detailed regional projections for older Australians up to the year 2020, to help inform and assist with possible responses to these increasingly pressing social issues
    Short titleCare Needs, Costs and the Capacity for Self-Provis
    Effective start/end date10/10/0310/10/05


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