Carolyn Hendricks ECR application 2007

  • Hendriks, Carolyn (CI)

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    The grant will advance ongoing research on the political challenges of energy reforms. In the face of persistent and complex policy problems, such as climate change, many states are examining novel ways to steer their production and consumption systems towards sustainability. The Dutch government, for example, has recently invested millions of Euros in externsive reforms of its agriculture, health, transportation, and energy sectors. A governance theme guiding these reforms is transition management - a new mode of network coordination aimed at encouraging institutional innovation and experimentation. While much intellectual effort is now focusing on how to facilitate and measure transitions to sustainability, little is known about their political implications. This project considers the political dimensions of sustainability reforms by empirically examining perspectives of policy actors associated with Dutch energy reforms. The proposed grant will provide funding to continue and expand my research in this area, which began with my post-doctoral appointment at the University of Amsterdam
    Short titleCarolyn Hendricks ECR application 2007
    Effective start/end date25/10/071/01/08


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