CBA Synthesis Group: High Country Eucalypt Dieback Synthesis Network

  • White, Duanne (CI)
  • Nicotra, Adrienne (CoI)
  • Brookhouse, Matthew (CoI)
  • Ward-Jones, Jessica (CoI)
  • Brown, Zachary (CoI)
  • Arnold, Pieter (CoI)
  • Pittock, Jamie (CoI)
  • Cunningham, Saul (CoI)
  • Linde, Celeste (CoI)
  • Borevitz, Justin (CoI)
  • Broadhurst, Linda (CoI)
  • Bush, David (CoI)
  • Guja, Lydia (CoI)
  • MOORE, Leah (CoI)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    The funds ($25k from CBA) for this project will initially be used over 2021-2022 for:
    1.Regular SG network meetings to support interdisciplinary collaboration, with particular attention to capacity building and network development for our EMCR and HDR student network members. Meetings of the local network (UC/CSIRO/ANU) will be held monthly. More formal meetings will be hosted once or twice during the year and will include experts from elsewhere in Australia and/or overseas (as COVID and funding permits).
    2.Development of outreach and citizen science initiatives in this space to build awareness and harness the interest of the community. Apps in development will be used to augment mapping efforts as well as educational tools. The potential to pair these efforts with philanthropic fund raising will also be explored
    3.Building on recent media and grant writing efforts we will write at least one Conversation article showcasing our proposal for how to address dieback.
    4.Working across our network we will conduct a review and synthesis of the literature on management responses to dieback events at the global scale.
    5.Developing a research agenda and submitting an ARC linkage grant in 2021.
    Short titleSnowgum dieback CBA
    Effective start/end date1/07/211/07/22


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