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Cathy Hope and Aunty Roslyn Brown are contracted by Dionysus Cultural Development to work on the City Precinct Place Management Team.
Associate Professor Cathy Hope will be the Community Stakeholder and Engagement Manager, and Aunty Roslyn Brown will be the Ngunnawal Culture Guide to the Company for the Project.

The Project is the Place Management of Canberra City, Braddon, Haig Park and Dickson for the City Renewal Authority, as defined by the successful tender and any related later information submitted by the Company with the Contractor listed in April 2022.
The Project is diverse, complex and may often require new and informed thinking and actions by the Company and Contractor to successfully Place Manage the above areas.

This project is a continuation of the action research project undertaken in Haig Park since 2019. Cathy Hope will be both developing and delivering evaluation tools with the City Renewal Authority, and undertaking a series of pilot projects in the city with embedded evaluation capacity to improve people and place outcomes. These pilot projects will be underpinned by creative/arts-led placemaking methodology.

This research will inform Q1 publications.
Short titleCity Place Management
Effective start/end date1/07/2230/06/23


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