Conservation biology of the largest Australian freshwater tortoise, the broad-shelled tortoise, Chelodine expansa - rare and endangered or cryptic and secure?

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    The Murray is a highly managed river, with flows controlled by catchments and diversions. The combined impacts of water resource development, habitat modification and introduced species are astonishingly diverse, and include extinctions of some fish and invertebrates and depression of populations of many other species. Australia's largest chelid turtle, the broad-shelled turtle, is a high-level consumer thought to be particularly sensitive to these changes. We will use an innovative combination of non-destructive technologies to investigate the conservation biology of this species in the Lower Murray, where it is regarded as rare and where its biology is virtually unknown to inform conservation management and restoration initiatives.
    Short titleConservation biology of the largest Australian fre
    Effective start/end date1/02/061/02/09


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