Creative Recovery and Resilience Artist Residencies - Cross Sector, Digital Technology and Innovation

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Supported by the ACT Government’s Creative Recovery and Resilience program, we will co-design and deliver four artist residencies in partnership with Belco Arts over 2021-22. These residencies will support the skills and knowledge development of both emerging and established creative practitioners, with a particular emphasis on building their competencies in cross-sector and digital engagement. Providing these artists with access to UC facilities and expertise, the project provides an opportunity to publicly showcase FAD’s unique offerings across design, digital media and creative research, while building capacity for innovation and resilience in the ACT creative and cultural economy.
This project leverages the research team’s track record of creative research into collaborative pedagogies and co-creation through projects such as Home Economix, as well as their long-standing engagement with the ACT creative and cultural sector through landmark projects such as the ACT Creative Industries Assessment and Haig Park Experiments. Research outputs from this project will include two journal articles and one NTRO.
The project offers a timely opportunity to communicate FAD’s distinctive capacity to foster creative development to local, national and international audiences.
Effective start/end date1/07/2130/06/22


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