Cyber Security Standards (ISMS) Research on Australian mining and mineral industries

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• Undertake research in the form of literature review to understand the low update of international standards on ISMS, which is an integral part of cyber security in Australia in mining and minerals industries (Industries), including considering the following:
o reasons for low uptake for ISMS;
o the industries’ understanding for the use and purpose of ISMS;
o what do the Industries do instead of implementing the ISMS to ‘prevent’ and ‘prepare’ themselves against a cyber risk/attack;
o do the Industries know their environment is ‘unsafe’ or at risk without ISMS compliance;
o do the Industries know about the consequences and who this affects directly; and
o how this compares to companies that use international standards to safeguard their organisation from cyber risks/attach and disruption (highlight the benefits of complying with ISMS in terms of security, financial, economic, societal and market confidence).
Short titleJAS-ANZ
Effective start/end date1/07/2131/10/21


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