Defining and Disseminating Best Practice for Common Musculoskeletal Conditions

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    Musculoskeletal conditions of joints, muscles, and tendons are common and can be hard to treat successfully. There have been many recent improvements in treatment but there is a big delay between research that yields new knowledge and changes in clinical care. We will combine systematic reviews of the evidence with interviews with world experts and patients in mixed-methods research to develop best practice guides. We will do this for 6 common conditions and involve stakeholders in our work throughout the three-year work programme. We have established robust methods and have already produced best practice guides successfully before for two common conditions. We will extend these with educational resources for all 8 conditions, that will be freely available online, to ensure physiotherapists and patients can learn from our research. We have put together a comprehensive dissemination package, centred on an interactive website, with a range of methods to engage clinicians. This should mean rapid translation of data into practice, for the benefit of patients everywhere.
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