Determining fossilisation processes of a rare iron-rich Lagerstätte: unearthing the evolution of Australia’s biota

  • McCurry, Matthew (CoI)
  • Frese, Michael (CI)
  • Vasconcelos, Paulo (CoI)
  • Smith, Patrick (CoI)

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Most fossil sites only preserve resistant elements such as bones and teeth, leading to questions about how soft animals and structures have evolved over time. Currently, only a limited set of conditions are known to preserve soft tissues. The recent discovery of a fossil deposit in New South Wales appears to demonstrate a new set of conditions for the preservation of soft tissues. This project aims to constrain the age of and assess the fossilisation processes that produced this unique fossil site. We will use an integrative approach to reconstruct the formation of this Lagerstätte. The work will guide the discovery of other exceptionally-well preserved fossil deposits, critical in reconstructing the biological history of Australia.
Effective start/end date17/05/2316/05/26


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