Developing DNA-based non-invasive population monitoring for the threatened Broad-toothed Rat to assist with management outcomes

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We will apply the lowplex “DArTMP” genotyping approach developed by DArT to DNA extracted from scats of the threatened broad-toothed rat (Mastacomys fuscus mordicus) and use this as a test case for the future application of this technology to the non-invasive genetic monitoring of mammal populations more generally. If successful, our approach will enable the genotyping of individual scats collected from across the landscape to better estimate population size, genetic diversity, and dispersal of this restricted threatened species. The development of this monitoring approach will improve understanding of the impacts on the species from ungulates (deer, horse & feral pigs), and assist in developing management options that will sustain broad-toothed rat populations as well as providing a template for the application of a similar approach to other mammals.

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Developing a DNA-based approach to genotype the scats of Broad-toothed rats for the purpose of estimating population numbers
Short titleBroad-toothed Rat DNA monitoringion
Effective start/end date15/06/1930/04/22