Development of graduated home-based wobble-board strength and balance training

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    Exercises, especially when targeted at strenght, movement discrimination and balance are an important intervention strategy in insuring against falls in older age. Exercise programs need to allow older adults to achieve maximum improvement in stability for minimum time commitment and cost. Wobble board have been used to obtain these gains in younger people. Previous pilot studies in the ACT however have indicated that thse sports based exercise protocols need to be tailored to older adults' function levels and sequentially progresses to provide the greatest improvement in strength, movement discrimination and reduction in falls risk. The aim of the study will be to develp and trial a Sequential Wobbleboard Exercise Program, that progressively challenges balance through a gradual increase in instability.
    Short titleDevelopment of graduated home-based wobble-board s
    Effective start/end date27/05/0831/08/09


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