Development of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Lifetime Health Expenditure Indicator

  • Brown, Laurie (CI)
  • HARDING, Ann (CoI)
  • HARDING, Ann (CoI)
  • Lymer, Sharyn (CoI)
  • PAYNE, Alicia (CoI)
  • YAP, Mandy (CoI)

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    This project aims to develop methodology to estimate and compare per capita lifetime health expenditure for indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. The first stage of the project is the development of the methodology which we propose to base on the dynamic modelling of a cohort of individuals followed longitudinally over a lifetime. The modelling will use the assumption of a steady state world, ie that the experiences of today will be assumed to continue into the future unchanged. The will be useful in looking at the effect of current policy and the effect of possible policy changes
    Short titleDevelopment of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Lifet
    Effective start/end date11/08/066/10/06


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