Development of techniques in digital imaging for high resolution and security applications

  • Huang, Xu (CI)
  • Caccia, Giuseppe (CoI)
  • WAGNER, Michael (CoI)
  • WAGNER, Michael (CoI)
  • Zhang, Xiang (CoI)

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    This pilot project will first investigate and utilize the relations between noise and data hiding and then apply the relations to multimedia processing. These include increasing resolutions for images, such as images obtained from radar, medical diagnosis, and also can be used for identifying products ownerships, privacy of multimedia materials, and biometric applications. It aims to develop realistic, reliable, and robust system. The outcomes of this work will likely attract interest from e-commerce, internet security and privacy and in particular the music and video industries and forensic sciences.
    Short titleDevelopment of techniques in digital imaging for h
    Effective start/end date18/07/0318/07/04


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